Bariatric Surgery – When Diet And Exercise Are Not Enough

By Kerri Seidler

If you’re struggling with obesity, diet and exercise alone may not be enough to help you reach a healthier weight. Obesity is a difficult disease to treat, but success is possible with bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

Bariatric surgery is growing in popularity, an upward trend that coincides with the increasing numbers of obese individuals. Obesity is not simply a matter of being a bigger size than what society considers an ideal weight, but it is the condition of having such an excessive amount of body fat that it is dangerous to an individual’s health, longevity, and quality of life.

Those unfamiliar with the nature of obesity are quick to blame the individual for becoming so fat, either through laziness or bad eating habits. While exercise and healthy eating are important to maintaining a healthy weight, this is usually not the sole cause of one’s obesity. For many people who have struggled with obesity, their condition is often linked to a physiological disorder or genetic component. Studies suggest that obesity is a complex and chronic disease that seems to develop from a combination of factors – genetic, metabolic, environmental, psychological, cultural/social, and lifestyle. The findings are not to relieve obese individuals of all personal responsibility, but it points to the fact that sometimes medical intervention is necessary to overcome a life-threatening disease. As a society we do not hesitate to treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol or a vast array of other diseases with either surgery or medication. In the same respect, we should not hesitate to treat morbid obesity with bariatric surgery if all other treatment options have failed. While lifestyle changes are an important part of the bariatric process, the surgery itself is the tool that allows the weight loss to begin. Weight loss surgery is not meant for casual weight loss, but is considered a treatment option for severely obese individuals. This generally includes men who are at least 100 pounds over their ideal weight and women who are 80 pounds over their ideal weight. Bariatric surgery is not a magical process or an easy road to weight loss. It is also not the first line of treatment, but the last resort approach when diet and exercise have failed.

According to the National Institutes of Health, one of the leading medical organizations in the world, bariatric surgery has been shown to provide significant weight loss and long-term weight control in severely obese patients who have been unable to lose weight and keep it off using dietary programs. What are the Surgical Options? Two of the most popular methods of bariatric surgery are LAP-BAND surgery and gastric bypass surgery. Other surgical options are the duodenal switch and gastric sleeve procedures. Each procedure has it’s own risks and benefits and must be considered carefully. As there are many options, the question becomes which surgery is the right one for you.

A bariatric doctor can help you decide the best option for you based on your overall health, eating habits, and risk factors.

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The Importance Of Rapport In Business Using Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP

By Shawn Carson

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP is a discipline originally developed by studying and modeling the work of world-class therapists such as Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls. One of the attributes that these and any great therapist has is a deep level of understanding and communication with their client. In general we call this rapport. One of the greatest lessons that NLP can teach us in the business world is that of rapport. Rapport is one of those unusual talents that most everyone possesses. If you stop for a moment the next time you are in a restaurant and look round at the other tables, notice how the people are sitting. For the most part, a couple or group of people at a particular table will be sitting in a similar way, all leaning forward, or all leaning backward, hands together or more open. In any case adopting similar postures. We recognize this as a sign that those people are in rapport, even though they may not be consciously aware of it themselves. At the same time, rapport is one of those skills, which we find extremely difficult to acquire when we don’t have it, or practice and improve when we do. Why is this, and what can we do about it? Many books talk about rapport and how to get it. Some say that rapport is simply a case of mirroring the posture, gestures and other behaviors of the other person. However, in NLP we would say this is putting the cart before the horse, and that mirroring is the result of rapport, not the cause. If you have ever tried consciously mirroring, you may know how awkward it feels, and how it can make you feel less in-tune with the person because you are paying attention to their posture rather than to them. Neuro Linguistic Programming tells us that rapport is an unconscious process. Let’s suppose we are sitting in a business meeting with a group of colleagues; as the group gets “into rapport”, an unconscious feedback loop is established. This is to say that each unconscious mind first joins with the group, and only then communicates that it is part of the group by adopting the group behaviors, which includes obvious external group behaviors such as posture. The individual, who “pretends” by consciously matching group postures in this same business meeting, does not give his unconscious mind time to actually join the group mind-set. While he may appear to be a part of the group to a casual observer, the group recognizes his difference. This may lead to comments such as “I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something a little off about him”. If this is the case, then how can we use this knowledge to begin to build better rapport with our business colleagues, customers and clients, and business suppliers? The answer is simple: get into unconscious rapport with the individual or group, and we will automatically see matching of postures and other behaviors. There are three key things that we have to do to achieve unconscious rapport: • Silence our internal dialogue. This will give us the space to put our attention on the group • Become intensely and respectfully curious about the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors of the others around us • Allow ourselves to notice the most subtle behavioral cues of our business colleagues, and clients; I would suggest their breathing. As our attention moves from our own dialogue to the group, and as we feel that sense of curiosity, we will have unconsciously joined the group mind-set. As a result, our natural rapport skills will begin to behaviorally match those around us. As we notice the most subtle behaviors around us, we will automatically notice the larger behaviors and will begin to calibrate the level of rapport in the group, without being attached to the concept of “being I rapport”. A great way to learn rapport is to attend a Neuro Linguistic Programming training, either an NLP Practitioner course, or a shorter workshop, such as we teach here in New York.

Shawn Carson has 20 years of business, management, sales and consulting experience with a global consulting organization. Shawn is an Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, teaching NLP courses in New York, including NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training.

Medical Tourisam

By: Sukhdeep Singh

Medical tourism is also called medical travel. It may be defined as the cost effective private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatment. It is rapidly growing practice of traveling across international borders to obtain health care.In India, medical treatment is not only fast but also costs a fraction of what it costs in USA or Europe.

The growing need is for high level specialized treatments like transplantation of vital organs, cancer treatment, neuro-surgery, cardiac surgery and many more. Most common treatments are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care. The countries where medical tourism is being actively promoted include Greece, South Africa, Jordan, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. India is a recent entrant into medical tourism.

India is one of the best places for the medical treatment or any other health care in India. Every year thousand of visitors are coming to India from around the world just for the medical check up and other type of surgery related to Bone or liver or others diseases. India is known in particular for heart surgery and other areas of advanced medicine. For long promoted for its cultural and scenic beauty, India is now being put up on international map as a heaven for those seeking quality and affordable healthcare.

Now the question arises why people from developed countries also chose India as a medical tourism? Why India is a favorable destination for medical tourism? Foremost is its infrastructure and technology in which is in par with those in USA, UK and Europe. Secondly India has some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world with the best facilities. Foreign patients throng Indian hospitals to pass up the long waiting lists and queues in their native countries. Indian hospitals provide immediate attention to patients rather than asking them to wait for several months like in most western countries. Further, foreign patients need not tackle insurance and national medical systems in India as they have to in their native lands. Finally many foreign patients prefer to combine their leisure and relaxation visits to India with healthcare

Nowadays India is giving Thailand stiff competition in healthcare services for overseas patients because of cheapest treatment as compare to other countries in entire Southeast Asia. Medical tourism is fast emerging as a big opportunity for India with its low cost advantage, high quality healthcare providers and an English speaking populace. The south Indian city of Chennai has been declared India’s Health Capital, as it nets in 45% of health tourists from abroad and 30-40% of domestic health tourists.

A number of private hospitals also offer packages designed to attract wealthy foreign patients, with airport-to-hospital bed car service, in-room internet access and private chefs. Another trend is to combine surgery in India with a yoga holiday or trip to the world famous Taj Mahal.

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Herbal Life – Is it a Scam?

“Lose weight now, ask me how” was the familiar slogan you may have seen around town in years past. What you may not have known was that this catchy phrase was really advertising Herbal Life products. The company has survived litigation and the tragic death of its founder Mark Hughes in 2000, twenty years after he started it. Since then, the business has recovered and continues to grow worldwide under new leadership. That it continues is a testimony to the resilience of those involved in the company and the ever expanding global opportunities that weight loss industry offers; Americans alone are estimated to spend $50 billion a year on shedding pounds, and the forecast is for continued growth.

Yet for all its ability to rebound and expand, this company still has its share of doubters. Obviously it is not a complete scam, or it would not exist today. But its marketing tactics have led to past and present legal action for misrepresentation and other unethical practices up the line. On the other hand, there are more legal protections in place because of the company’s missteps, and it could be that they have learned from the error of their ways.

Here’s what the business looks like currently. The compensation for these distributors follows the stair-step breakaway plan. According to the company website, the percentage of distributors that become supervisors is about 25 percent. These supervisors earned an average of $549 in the year 2006 on top of their profits from selling the products themselves. But how much do people typically earn selling the products as distributors? That information is not as easy to find. It seems that more than 90% of distributors leave the business in the first year. Also, supervisors must make an investment of several thousand dollars to attain that rank, which the average supervisor will not recover with $549 in income from the distributors under them. So they too would need to sell the products just to break even. The starting discount for the products is 25%, which would be your commission if you sell them at full price. The more you sell, and/or the higher your rank, the greater your discount.

But how much a distributor can earn is not always clear and reportedly subject to change. In at least one of the lawsuits against the company, distributors alleged that the company reduced the amount they would pay them without clear reasons. They complained that the company was showing favoritism and misleading them as to how much they could earn. Such complaints are not uncommon.

The lesson seems to be that Herbal Life has learned how to be one of the most resilient companies around. Throughout its 28-year history there have been numerous complaints about it misrepresenting itself to draw people to join the sales team. The ways the company markets its opportunity seem to be more transparent than before, but complaints about distributors and investors being misled have not slowed significantly. Thus it seems to still be a company on ethically shaky ground. Anyone about to join the team should be cautious, try to get clear written agreements, and be prepared to take legal action if promises are broken.

Jayne Manziel is a successful Entrepreneur coach and has helped hundred’s of people build their business for over 20 years. Jayne devotes the time, energy, and effort into her team and mentors them to ensure their success. To learn more visit Jayne’s Making Money Online Linkwebsite. Jayne is a proven leader and offers a Sales and Marketing Strategy for all of her team members in achieving financial success.

Coping With Breakup Songs

By: Ken Dinino

Learning to cope with break up songs can be difficult. When we are connected to our partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, etc..though music it can be especially hard. Though running away from music altogether is not the answer either. Music is the key to the soul. We often feel music deep in ourselves and when we are close to someone it is difficult to separate the music from them. Old memories can come flooding back when we hear a simple note of a song. Giving the songs new memories can be one way of coping with the music and our hearts.

Sometimes listening to the music anyway can help us move passed the break up sooner. At first it is difficult but connecting with the music and dealing with the feelings right away instead of pushing them deep inside can help you better cope with the feelings you are having. Hitting the feelings head on can bring out many emotions so having a strong support system is wise before this is attempted.

Below are some things you can do to ease the pain of break up songs:

Tip 1: Listen to them with friends: Listening to the songs with your friends can give you a bit of extra emotional support. Not being alone at this time can ease the pain of the music and help you create new memories as well.

Tip 2: Think of something else: if you try and take your mind off the song as it plays. Thinking of happy memories while the song is playing each time you hear it you can get passed it. Though you still hear it this can ease your pain as well.

Tip 3: Sing: Singing it can help you connect to your feelings about the songs. Music is the key to the soul and it will help you bring out your feelings and after a while it won’t hurt as much.

Though the pain will never go completely away it will get better. Remember that you do have help and you will get passed it. However hiding from the pain will not make it go away. Face it head on and acknowledge your pain, give it the time it needs to subside and you will be a stronger person for it!

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What Is a Pocket Dish and How Does It Work?

With Dish Network being the leading provider of premium movie channels and also the leading provider of high definition programming it only seems logical that they would make available to their viewers the best and the latest technology to use for recording and replaying all these great movies.

One handy little gadget that they have for you is called Pocket Dish and it plugs right into their VIP receivers and stores any of the movies that you have in the DVR that is installed in it. You can then take your recordings with you anywhere that you want and replay them by simply plugging it into any TV set. It’s small enough to fit in your shirt pocket yet holds hours and hours of movie and video games in it and if you are a teacher it is a great device that you can use to bring educational material to your class room with.

Dish Network has the most premium movie channels of any TV programming service provider in the industry and they make it so easy to record them with their VIP series of satellite receivers that they have for you absolutely free of charge. You get your choice of the receiver that you are going to have that comes along with the complete satellite system that they also give to you and it comes with free installation.

It’s all installed by Dish Networks team of installation experts, so you can be sure that the job is always done flawlessly and in a prompt timely fashion. You don’t even have to supply a thumb tack, because they supply all the hardware and they even do free installation in up to four rooms in your home or business, so you just can’t beat this deal. It’s all on the up and up, because there are absolutely no hidden or a surprise charge either and all that you pay for is the Americas Top programming package that you select and nothing more that.

Dish Networks Americas Top programming packages now come with free Sirius satellite radio now also and if you haven’t yet listened to it you are in for a big surprise when you do. It’s all commercial free and the Howard Stern show can only be heard on satellite radio and with no censors now he is even more outrageous and hilarious than ever before. Dish Network even gives you free Sirius satellite radio for your car or truck also, so there is no need for you to ever pay for a subscription to it in your entire life, with Dish Network as you TV programming service provider.

All of Dish Networks programming is so easy to find, watch, listen to and record with all the fantastic features on their VIP series of DVR receivers, because they do all the work for you and they are child’s play to understand and operate. You can find out more about everything that Dish Network has for you in the way of stellar deals on their Americas Top series of programming packages by contacting them online.

Written by David Johnson. Find more information on Direct TV Deals as well as Satellite TV high definition and dvr information.

How To Get Your Hands On A Credit Card

By: Keishon Martin

First and foremost we need to understand the need for credit cards in this internet age. Where this can be for many different reasons. For instance some people might need help with their bills that they cannot pay. Then there are people that want a credit card so they don’t have to carry cash around or maybe just they just want to shop online. Or maybe you need one to go on vacation with. Whatever your reason is, most if not all people know that they need a credit card. But the bad part is that credit cards are not handed out so easily. Where most people have to apply for a credit card before they can get one. So if you are thinking about getting a credit card, then you should read on to get some tips on how to apply for a credit card the right way

You can apply for a credit card using several different methods. But actually the best way to apply is by going online which can give you instant results, next is to call the credit card company, and then filling out the application that was sent by mail is the most used method. Do keep in mind that when you apply for a credit card you will have to present your personal information. Almost all credit card companies will need your social security number so that they can check your credit. Where your credit score can determine what your APR (annual percentage rate) will be.

Please remember before you apply for a credit card, it would be best that you do some research you do some research on which credit card company offers the best APR rate and bonus programs. Many credit card companies have a low introductory APR rate for new credit card holders especially those who have a high credit score. There are also some credit card companies that offer no APR for 12 months or more. There are also the bonus programs that credit card company’s offer, which can vary where some offer cash back bonus rewards. Some have free airline mileage. Others give you points towards specific items.

The last things you should research when applying for a credit card is if there is an annual fee to have the card and what your credit limit will become. Some cards have an annual fee you must pay up front just for having their credit card so you may not want this type of credit card. When deciding on a credit limit, most credit card companies will base it on your income meaning your ability to pay it back and your credit score. As it is a must that you never get a credit limit that is too high for you to pay off which will have devastating results on applications in the future.

Then you should remember one of the most important tips when applying for a credit card, is not to apply for to many cards which makes research so important, where having to many companies checking your credit report will actually lower your credit score. But these are some important tips on how to apply for a credit card. There are dozens of companies to choose from. So take you time and pick the best credit card that will suit your needs before you apply for it.

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Make More Money – Are You Too Making a $100M Mistake?

By: Curtis Bingham

I was speaking with a major market research firm that in the not too-distant past had scuttled an eagerly anticipated new practice area, claiming that there wasn’t a market for the new practice and associated research. Yet, a few years later, their biggest competitor has a huge, booming practice in the same area! The competitor’s most widely-read analyst in the entire firm is (you guessed it!) writing exclusively about the same practice area that was scuttled. For the competitor, this is the largest practice area, generates the greatest volume of reports, and the greatest revenue. Clearly, their competitor has made a very successful business in the same market that was deemed unprofitable and unfit for entry. How could one firm fail when a fierce competitor succeeds?

From a business perspective it may make sense to scuttle a project when sales are lackluster and the new product or service simply isn’t gaining traction. Yet, in this case and with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and a competitive outlook, this was exactly the wrong decision. How could this research firm have made a different (and more profitable) choice?

In talking with executives, the problems were three-fold. First, their initial foray into the marketplace was too general and didn’t address specific needs of their customer base. They didn’t spend the time up-front to understand their customer base well enough and delivered a product that didn’t provide sufficient, immediate and practical value. Second was a marketing issue. Because this was a new product, targeted to a different role within existing customers, marketing should’ve better equipped their sales team with the ability to identify the right buyers within accounts and the right messages to effectively convey the value of the new product. Third was a sales execution issue. Because the sales team was uncomfortable and ill-prepared they gave up prematurely saying, “We can’t figure out who owns this function in the company and so can’t sell this.”

This may have been a $100M opportunity that the company scuttled, whereas if they had spent a bit more time up-front to find out who & how many will actually buy the new product and what specifically these prospective buyers were looking for, they could’ve avoided this disaster and saved a huge amount of money.

There are two lessons to be learned from this sad story: You need to clearly identify prospective purchasers and spend time with them to clearly understand how your product/services address Customer Purchase Drivers™. As I’ve written elsewhere, customers base their purchase decisions on the attributes of a product or service that enable them to do four things:
1. Make more money
2. Reduce costs
3. Mitigate risks
4. Satisfy an emotional need

Only by understanding these Customer Purchase Drivers™ can you develop products and services that are guaranteed to be successful in the marketplace. Only by spending time with customers beforehand can you avoid making a $100M mistake.

Curtis N. Bingham, President of The Predictive Consulting Group, helps organizations dramatically increase customer acquisition, retention, & profitability. For more information about his new Customer Experience Audit, Customer Strategy, or Chief Customer Officers, visit his website at or his blog at .

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